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Streamlined Strategy

We help businesses prioritize & focus their online efforts on the initiatives that deliver the most results.

Intelligent Insights

We make meaning out of all your data, and provide insights to ensure you reach your business goals.

Compelling Content

We create content & experiences that build loyalty, establish thought leadership, and increase sales. 

We’ve worked with some heavy hitters…but we also love helping startups & entrepreneurs get to the next level.

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Kusadama Core Services

We helped "The University"--a film about Singularity University at Nasa Ames raise nearly $100,000 on Indiegogo.

We helped “The University”–a film about Singularity University raise nearly $100,000 on Indiegogo in 4 days.

Analytics & Insights

We like to start each of our engagements with an analytics review & assessment–to ensure a strong foundation based on what we know works (and doesn’t) for your audience. Our deep-dive historical & competitive audits provide insight into key wins & opportunities.

Holistic Digital Strategy

We provide “tactical strategies” that focus on the key digital efforts that will help accomplish your business goals. Our full digital strategies are customized per client, and may include social media, email marketing, content marketing, UX/navigation, blog, and SEO/SEM.

Ecommerce Optimization

We drive the right clients to your online store, ensure they convert, and give them reasons to come back. We’re experts in helping businesses of all sizes sell online whether you need a store, want quick optimization, or start-to-finish Ecommerce strategy & product marketing.


We perform Search Engine Optimization audits, quick-fix recommendations, SEO copywriting/editing, as well as full-blown SEM strategies. Our approach to SEO/SEM ensures all optimization appeals to both the search engines and your target audience.

Social Media Strategy

We help get an R.O.I. on your social media. We define overarching strategic themes to filter your efforts, identify specific types of content that appeal to your target audience, and help create engagement strategies & influencer outreach programs.

Content Marketing

We help build effective content strategies that attract, engage, and convert your target audience. Key services include thought leadership strategy, blog strategy, and email & newsletter strategy. We also provide content sourcing and management services.

  • Julie is very strategic and after working with some of the largest brands in the country, she truly understands the best way to embrace digital…I always appreciate her expertise on loyalty, SEO and social influencer marketing.

    Krista Knable, Owner K2C Consulting
  • Julie was a font of valuable information. She gave me frank insights on my current marketing along with concrete action steps that I look forward to putting in place in the new year!”

    Lisa Larson-Kelley, Owner of Learn From Lisa

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