We bridge the gap between business strategy & digital experience

Why Kusadama  

Kusadama Enterprises is an analytics-first digital consultancy based in San Francisco, California.

We help Fortune 500 companies transform their online channels into lead generation and retention powerhouses.

We complement your sales process, help you drive awareness, and grow your customers into advocates.

And perhaps most importantly, we act as partners to our clients–working together to bring business and branding goals to life online.

About Kusadama Enterprises

Our approach to digital experiences is rooted in analytics, customer research, and user behavior.

Our “tactical strategies” serve as change agents to pivot your business goals into online customer experiences.

We named the company after a type of origami–art crafted from structured principles.

Our approach to digital strategy is similar–using analytics and user research as the foundation for online customer experience.

Let us help you bridge the gap between your business goals and your digital efforts.