We craft data-driven digital strategy

About Kusadama Enterprises

At Kusadama Enterprises we bridge the gap between intelligent, data-driven strategy and elegant online experience.

As a digital strategy consultancy, we help Fortune 500 companies optimize their online channels into lead generation and retention powerhouses.

Our UX, content, and digital marketing strategies blend quantifiable user-focused research with unique insights based on 18+ years of experience.

Consider us your digital partners to drive measurable results online.

Kusadama Featured Projects

Our speciality is working with “complicated content”–pharmaceutical, financial, and other heavily-regulated industries, luxury and niche ecommerce, as well as audiences considered difficult to reach online (C-suite, enterprise). We approach digital strategy from an “earned” and “owned” marketing perspective–taking a long-term view to building online relationships as a way to create maximum impact. As prior startup founders, we also know the importance of immediate results, and typically recommend “quick wins” as well as longer-term strategies.

The Story of the “Kusadama”

The logo of our founders’ prior startup was an origami called a “Kusadama.”

To us, the Kusadama reflects the “ideal state” of online visual experiences–

powered by intelligent principles, yet seamless, elegant, and simple to use.