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Digital Strategy that’s innovative, out-of-the-box, and gets results.

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Kusadama Enterprises helps startups, ecommerce businesses, and Fortune 500s (we’ve helped 65 of them) with digital marketing and strategy.

While we are “full-stack” digital marketers, we specialize in personalized content and UX which are proven ways to increase targeted leads, sales, and customer lifetime value.

We’re also great at crafting overarching digital plans–and getting many teams and stakeholders to back one solid vision and framework (this might be our superhero ability).

Our method is actually unique (we know, every digital agency says that).

We consider ourselves more of a partner–and our startup-y selves approach things differently because we think differently.

We work very closely with our clients, with collaborative brainstorming sessions. We blend data-driven methodology with an entrepreneurial mindset to bring you innovative digital strategy that is creative, unique–and most important–has measurable results.

Founded by a former Journalist and startup entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience, our team includes world-class UX, content, and digital marketing consultants. Our backgrounds don’t fit neatly into any box–which means our ideas don’t, either. Are you ready for digital strategy that is fun to implement, is innovative, and brings results?

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The Story of the “Kusadama”

The logo of our founders’ prior ecommerce startup was an origami called a “Kusadama.”

The Kusadama combines structure with creativity. We believe those are ingredients for innovative, and successful digital strategy.