Your Roadmap to Digital Success

Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Want to craft a 30-second crystal-clear description of your business, product, or idea?

We can help. We are experts at helping craft compelling elevator pitches to get your ideal audience to take the next step.

This is a great way to take our team on a “test drive” and get a tangible deliverable you can start using immediately for:

Social media bios

Executive or investor decks

Industry events

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Digital Strategy: Focused for Success

Kusadama helps businesses achieve digital success with innovative digital strategy.

We excel at finding your North Star: a key focal point and direction that encompasses your values, benefits, and vision. 

The North Star becomes a clear guide under which we recommend content, ux, and digital strategy.

Entrepreneurs with Fortune 500+ Startup + Agency Experience

Our entrepreneurial approach is sought out by Fortune 500 companies, to help them innovate with edgy-yet-on-brand digital frameworks.

As former entrepreneurs, we know how to push the envelope, but we’ve also had in-house corporate experience–we’ll help you navigate internal politics to push things through. 

We get it. We’ve done it. We have helped 68 of the Fortune 500 with innovative digital strategy. 

We particularly excel at “complicated content”–addressing the complex interactive needs for pharmaceutical and healthcare, b2b, and enterprise ecommerce companies. 

Digital Strategy

Establish a solid digital strategy, complete with a strategic narrative, kpis, and foundational pillars.

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Content Strategy

Build thought leadership and drive engagement with personalized content strategy.

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UX Strategy

Optimize your user experience across the full customer journey with UX strategy.

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Featured Case Studies 

Read more about how our digital strategy and marketing helps clients such as Johnson & Johnson, NRG Energy, and IBM attract and convert target audiences.

The Story of the “Kusadama”

The logo of our founders’ prior ecommerce startup was an origami called a “Kusadama.” Origamis blend creativity with structure.

To us, the Kusadama represents the marriage of technology and art.

It complements our approach to digital, which blends data-driven analytics with sociology, communications, and user heuristics.